• ​How Do I Place An Order? :


Online Orders are currently Disabled due to technicals reasons. please write us  an email ( on The About tab)  for details if you desire to buy any product


  • ​Payment and Shipping:


We accept Payments over Paypal & Skrill


  • Secure Ordering & Payment Options:


Paypal & Skrill are the safest payment methods without compromsing your card and personal details.


  • Returns & Refunds:


     we have a 14 days return Policy only if the item have not being worn or intentionally damaged.Ths product is manufactured with a Special technic to detect Intentional Damaged for the Jewelry. if the Jewelry is Intentionally detached from the item  this will tear off and automatically lose its warranty .

      you have to send the Original item with a description of the malefunction. however if the item dont have the Original Label Tag  

attached and/or shows any sign of previously use ( Or washed), it lose automatically the warranty and the refund entitlement.  We deliver Our products with a Hygienic protector. do NOT remove it until you are sure the item fits you and is ready to wear. Otherwise, signs of Worn items or tearing as described above will automatically  lose its warranty