Every Moment is a Memory

Admire the New Fine Men Line Collection dreamt Up
by Juan-Carlos Privado: 
"Le Grand Royale Garment" Men's Luxury 
Beachwear Briefs
   Our product is a Brand New, Innovative , Exclusive , and Artisanal  Fine Men Luxury Beachwear  . Inspired in The Middle East  & European Elite , Who Especially loves Quality and Luxury Items . This product Combines Male Beachwear & Beautiful Jewelry Like Decoration .


 Our products are made Of Rhinestones, Gold Tone & Silver Tone *Stainless Steel Material.  Just for a Selected Elite That Deserves  Simply the Best!


 Registered & Patent pending in some countries to  Guarantee the Originality of Every Item, Which comes with authenticity  Seal to Avoid Counterfeit / trademark infringements.


*Please Note Some Persons Might be  Allergic to Heavy Metals.




  LeGrand Royale Garment™, is a Luxurios and Unique Artisanal Beachwear , Items Designed by Luxury Designer Juan-Carlos Privado, for  the  Elite of Smart, Successful  & Sophisticated Mens Around the World . Each  Item Represents a Touch of Luxury, Comfort , Beauty, Quality, and Elegance. 

   A Fashion and Beauty Recommendation for Mens Who Want to stand out from the crowd. 


Manufacturing & technics :

   This Underwear is Made of very Soft and friendly-to-skin- fabric which allows the body transpire easily in any weather, not Itchy Or Allergic. The Decoration Process Final Touch is Made by Artisanal Artists in Our premises in The USA. 

   We Aim to Take Care of Every  Single Piece as a "Masterpiece" Which Make Every Item Unique and Exclusive. The Beautiful Rhinestones are set by hand, One by One, and Every Component is Made of the Very Best Quality.


Costs and Mission:

Our Prices are Based -Besides the cost for the Exclusive Materials- for the U.S Craftsmanship & Time Required for Every Piece. Our Mission is to Bring the Best Quality and Luxury to our Clients  Around the world.